ChouBox automatic litter box has 7 safety sensors and a large entry and waste drawer » Gadget Flow

Upgrade your cat’s experience with the ChouBox automatic litter box. This smart device has a super large 188 in² opening that makes entering and exiting comfortable for your cat. Furthermore, the 10-liter waste drawer ensures there’s enough storage space for all breeds and sizes, freeing you from up to 2 weeks of cleaning. With 7 infrared safety sensors, it also stops cleaning when it senses your cat’s presence. Moreover, it offers odor control, helps you save money on litter, and makes getting away for a weekend super easy. One of the best features is that it connects to an app that helps you monitor your cat’s health 24/7. In fact, the smart sensors track your cat’s weight, time and duration of use, and litter capacity. All of these details help you monitor aspects of your feline’s health that you otherwise wouldn’t know.

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