Coral One Ultra cleaning smart robot 2-in-1 gadget is a vacuum robot & cyclonic handheld » Gadget Flow

Keep your living space clean with the Coral One Ultra cleaning smart robot 2-in-1 gadget. Not only is it a robot vacuum, but it also works as a cyclonic handheld for when you want a deeper clean in specific spots. In fact, the ergonomic detachable handheld gives you a deep clean in places like car seat cushions, stairs, and more. Choose from Pearl and Onyx color options and enjoy the 2.7k Pa of suction power. It picks up everything from cereal to pet hair. With HEPA filtration, it captures particles as small as 3 microns. And the 90-minute runtime is enough to clean most spaces. Or you’ll get 70 minutes of use in handheld mode. Overall, this long-lasting powerful robot is ideal for everyday cleaning tasks.

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