Envision Glasses use the power of speech to enhance daily life for those visually impaired » Gadget Flow

Envision your surroundings clearly with Envision Glasses. These AI glasses help visually impaired individuals by identifying objects and presenting them in audio feedback. In fact, they identify objects around you using the 8-MP camera with a wide field of view and present them in augmented reality. This is perfect for a stroll in the park, cooking new recipes, conducting meetings, and more. In addition, they can recognize everyday objects, like your keys or phone, so you never misplace them again. These glasses also feature smart visibility features like real-time object detection and facial recognition to keep you safe. Finally, the glasses will also be able to read QR codes, barcodes, and NFC tags. So you won’t need a separate device for every task. With all these features in 1 pair of glasses, they’re sure to transform your everyday life.

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