How to have an additional screen on the laptop

Mobile Pixels Inc brings to Kickstarter its upgraded dual screen handheld model, the new DUEX Max, a device focused on make it easier to multitask on laptops by adding an extra screen to it, although it can also be used connected to Nintendo Switch consoles and Android mobile phones.

Its developers comment that their new version is a 23% lighter although it also has a more durable and resistant material, ideal to withstand better on the road and protect the same laptops to which it has been attached, but special attention has also been paid to reducing energy consumption to affect as little as possible to the battery of the device to which it has been connected.

Improving productivity

DUEX Max is able to slide on either side of the laptop itselfthus adding an additional 14.1″ FullHD screen, with up to 300 nits of maximum brightness, 85% screen/body ratio, and with two USB ports to enable connection to other devices, to position it as needed.

Furthermore, this new device still has auto-rotate capabilities and it can be placed in horizontal, vertical, presentation mode, and even has eye care mode and standing mode, allowing it to adapt to the circumstances that arise at all times.

With DUEX Max, users will have more screen real estate to work with wherever they go, but they can also choose from four available color options to suit their style and preferences.

The price of the DUEX Max currently starts at 187 euros at the exchange rate (plus shipping costs), with shipments scheduled to take place during the month of April, according to all the rewards, although half of them are no longer found available, since the campaign in which it is immersed has managed to far exceed the goal set, with 27 more days remaining in the campaign.

It is an affordable device that is arousing a lot of interest, so those who want to delve into this new device will be able to find out all the details, with videos and images, on the campaign website itself.

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