Satechi’s new Dual Vertical Laptop Stand houses two devices at once for $40

Satechi, the maker of accessories for iPhones, iPads, Macs, and more, has announced a new Dual Vertical Laptop Stand that can keep two devices safe at the same time.

A dual-device stand, the new product can house any two from a choice of MacBook Pro, iPad, and iPhone — perfect for anyone who has a MacBook Pro that they dock to a Studio Display but also want to be able to watch Apple TV+ on their iPad, for example.

Keep your workstation tidy and every device within reach with Satechi Dual Vertical Stand for laptops and tablets. The 2-in-1 design supports your Macbook and iPad vertically at the same time, improving your working efficiency.

The dock is finished in Satechi’s familiar space gray color and the protective materials mean that no devices will slip or slide around when being propped up. If you need to keep two devices vertical, this stand could be a great option.

The non-slip pads of the vertical stand keep your laptop, tablet, or smartphone upright and protected while you enjoy connecting to your external monitor. The protective grip ensures that your device remains in place and never slides off the stand.

Those interested in adding the Dual Vertical Laptop Stand to their setup can place their order directly from Satechi now. It’s priced at $39.99, but those buying through April 17 can enter offer code DUAL20 to save 20% off that price. At that price in particular, this could well be the best iPad stand available today

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