WaterH all-in-one smart water bottle makes hydration easy with tracking & analysis » Gadget Flow

Improve your hydration with the WaterH all-in-one smart water bottle. In fact, this app-connected product has an automatic and accurate hydration intake tracker. Not only that, but it also has a hydration reminder with a 360º LED light. Your tap water may be contaminated—and bottled water may have microplastics—soWaterH has a built-in Water Quality Safety Sensor via TDS Smart Scan. This measures total dissolved solids (TDS) and detects invisible contaminants with more than 99% accuracy. Overall, this helps protect you from contaminants such as iron, sulfate, manganese, bromide, and arsenic. Crafted with a high-grade steel interior, it prevents bacteria and odors. Moreover, the dual-wall stainless steel body ensures it can stand up to daily use. Able to keep drinks ice cold, it has a waterproof, weatherproof, damage-resistant, and rust-proof design. Finally, it comes in 3 sleek colors and even charges wirelessly.

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